A Quick Guide to Commercial Ventilation Guidelines

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A Quick Guide to Commercial Ventilation Guidelines Written by [email protected]

Commercial Ventilation Guide

A quick guide to Commercial Ventilation following Government Guidelines for adequate ventilation to help reduce transmission of Covid-19

Now more than ever effective ventilation is vital for enclosed spaces. The legal requirement of fresh air provision per building occupant in commercial premises is 10 litres per second per person. Where this is not possible to achieve via natural means (passive ventilation through openable windows and doors) then mechanical ventilation should be introduced. This also relates to the reduction of transmission of COVID-19.

Fresh Air is as important in reducing the risk of transmission as social distancing, Cleaning and Sanitizing. Adequate ventilation is important as it reduces how much virus is in the air, which in turn reduces the risk of aerosol transmission.  (When someone breaths in small particles (aerosols) in the air after a person with the virus has been in the same enclosed space.)

Priority Areas to consider for Ventilation are multi occupancy offices where occupants share the same space for extended periods of time, areas that are low temperature and humidity such as chilled food processing or cold stores and buildings where the use causes high levels of aerosol generation such as theatres, dance studios, Gyms, Dental and Medical premises.

Adequately Ventilated Areas can be described as having a movement of air that has 10 litres per second per person or below 800 ppm of CO2. In communal areas such as offices around 1000 ppm of CO2 is widely regarded as an indicator of sufficient per person ventilation rate. However, sizing and selecting appropriate Ventilation Systems to suit your buildings requirements is not straight forward and you should use specialist engineering expertise to assist you.

There are a variety of Ventilation System types that can effectively and efficiently introduce fresh air into your premises from basic Supply Air Systems, Heat Recovery Ventilation units (provide air exchange whilst recovering internal heat to help energy efficiency) up to large scale Air Handling Units that can offer a ventilation solution alongside climate control to large multi occupancy buildings.