Clenzair offers a range of ground breaking air purification Technologies that can be installed in to any HVAC system, turning your AC or Air handling unit in to an air sanitisation device or units that simply plug in at the wall for a quick portable solution to neutralise, viruses, bacteria, mould, odours and VOC’s.

COVID Certified, all of Clenzair products have been proven to eliminate a minimum of 99.9% of COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria. It also eliminates odours and mould – whilst sanitising both the air and surfaces.

There is a variety of air purification solutions available ranging from those suitable for homes and single offices to devices for large production warehouses and stadiums, we have a solution for everyone.

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Tadiran – Air Purification for Air Conditioning


Tadiran AIROW is a simple plug and play air purification technology that is designed for all types of Air Conditioning systems, it produces Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to effectively neutralise pathogens in indoor spaces.

The Tadiran AIROW 3 is a device designed for Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning units, it can also be used for ductless mini-split air conditioners, and fitted on fan coils ,celling cassettes and VRF ductless split systems. It eliminates 99.9% of airborne viruses, mould and bacteria and was lab tested here in the UK at Campden BRI.

Tadiran Airow 3

Airgle – Plug & Play Air Purification

Clenzair also offers the market leading Airgle passive air purifier range which gives clean room grade air purification for any environment. With a cHEPA filter which is superior to HEPA13 and HEPA14 and a 100% pressure sealed design the Airgle units remove particulates 100 times smaller than a HEPA13 filter in a single pass. They also include a patented T-PRO module inside which neutralises viruses and bacteria instantly using hydroxyl radical technology, removing 99.9999% of bacteria from the air.

– Air Quality Monitoring

The first environmental monitor able to detect and identify a wide range of indoor airborne pollutants, using Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition. It detects VOC’s, Carbon Monoxide, CO2 and autonomously controls HVAC and air purification systems.


Airgloss ProSense is designed for commercial and industrial applications (offices, meeting rooms and other public spaces such as workspaces and schools), where air quality influences occupants’ wellbeing and health, with a direct impact on performance and productivity. A cutting edge solution for healthier indoor environments, improved energy saving, comfort and productivity

Indoor spaces are constantly influenced by several factors, including air quality, temperature and humidity. Poor indoor environmental quality may have negative repercussions on health, comfort and productivity. Headaches along with irritation to eyes, nose and throat are among the most common symptoms caused by these conditions. Since, most time is spent indoors between home, work and other indoor spaces, monitoring environmental parameters and acting to counter negative effects, are key elements for correct home and building management.


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Airgloss Prosense Product Brochure
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  • 99.99% surface bacteria / virus reduction
  • Tested on live strain of SARS-CoV-2
  • Eliminates moulds and odours
  • Advanced Active Purification
  • Non-Thermal Plasma Technology