The aim of this policy is to eliminate unfair discrimination in any form within Airway Group as an organisation. This is both in terms of how we recruit our staff and ensuring that people are always treated fairly and with dignity.

Airway Group is opposed to unfair discrimination including discriminatory actions or harassment based on a person’s race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, age, or any other group attribute that is irrelevant to the person’s ability to do the job.

Airway Group will take any allegations of discrimination seriously and will take appropriate action where such behaviour is found to have taken place.

Airway Group will not tolerate racist behaviour or racist harassment or other inappropriate behaviour linked to a person’s religion or beliefs.

Airway Group undertakes to comply with the Race Relations Act 1976 (and any subsequent amendments), and the Commission for Racial Equality Code of Practice for the elimination of racial discrimination.

Airway Group will take action in the event of sexist behaviour or harassment based on a person’s gender, or sexual orientation.

Airway Group will,
• Encourage applications from all sectors of the community by advertising in widely read or viewed sources;
• Make clear any requirements of a job that require certain characteristics as early on in the recruitment process as possible. For instance, some jobs may require significant manual dexterity that may not be achievable by people with certain disabilities.
• Recruit solely on the basis of ability to do the job.