Our mission is to provide high quality services at a competitive price with knowledge and customer satisfaction at the heart of all we do. Airway has been a family-owned business since it was established in 1989, we believe in strong family values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty and fairness. We prioritise customer satisfaction and treat all customers with respect. We create a positive and safe working environment that promotes good physical and mental health as well as encouraging employees to be innovative, caring and dedicated; this enables us to build knowledgeable and talented engineers that provide customers with the high level of service that we and they expect.

Our Values

All employees are encouraged and supported to build on their knowledge and skills in order to be the best version of themselves. This includes regular training and individual development plans for all employees.
Communication and Honesty
We are always contactable and communicate honestly with customers to maintain openness. We strongly encourage employees and customers to speak up if something is not right so we can work together to rectify any problems quickly.
We are always looking for new ideas, improved working practices and new technologies that will allow us to deliver even better customer satisfaction and we allocate resources to ensuring we are embracing changes to maintain a competitor advantage.
We endeavour to operate in line with our values including being honest and taking responsibility. We strive to be an ethical, dependable, fair and respectful company with long-standing customers that value these characteristics.
Customer satisfaction
We invest in our employees as they are the essence of the company and ensure that we can continue to deliver excellent customer service.  All of our employees whether they are installing new equipment or maintaining or servicing existing equipment, will have the customer’s satisfaction at the very heart of all that they do.