Environmental Policies


Airway Group is committed to continually improving our environmental performance by managing our offices and site activities, ensuring the correct usage and safe handling of any products, materials and services which may possibly harm or endanger the Environment.


• Ensure our managers and employees are informed, trained, environmentally aware and carryout positive environmental practices relevant to their activities.
• Promote good practice with regards to Reducing, Re-use and Recycle.
• Prevent environmental incidents to air, land, and water.
• Continual improvement with respect to the impact of our business activities, this includes ongoing measurements of environmental indicators.


All employees are encouraged to:

• Understand this policy and seek clarification from your Environmental Manager where required.
• Support fellow workers in their awareness of this policy and encourage them to seek support from the Environmental Manager.
All employees have a responsibility to:
• Take reasonable care and ensure safe systems of work are followed when handling hazardous substances that may potentially have a negative impact on the environment.
• Promote good practice with regards to Reducing, Re-use and Recycle.
• To ensure that plant and equipment provided is checked prior to use, adequate for the task and in good working order.
• Ensuring that all redundant equipment is disposed of correctly and documented if required.

Managers have a responsibility to:

• Ensure that all workers are made aware of this policy.
• Actively support and contribute to the implementation of this policy, including its goals.
• Manage the implementation and review of this policy.

Airway Group will ensure that:

• This policy is easily accessible by all employees within the organisation.
• Employees are informed when a particular activity aligns with this policy.
• Review of the policy by management to determine if objectives have been met.
• Liaise and co-operate with the appropriate enforcement authorities on matters affecting the environment.
• Compliance with current environmental legislation and other relevant codes of practice.

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