1. Objective and Commitment:
We are committed to implementing appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable us to deliver the highest practicable quality services.
We will therefore:
• Focus on customer needs through the measurement and analysis of data related to satisfaction, with the correct interpretation of all these aspects setting the conditions that Airway Group is able to offer, to increasingly satisfy customer expectations.
• Continuously seek to improve our products and services by constantly monitoring complaints.
• Constant monitoring the reliability of our products, focusing on satisfying customer requirements, and maximum care and clarity in meeting contractual commitments.
• Clearly understand the current and potential future requirements and expectations of our customers.
• Work closely with our customers and suppliers to achieve business and quality objectives.
• Continually review and improve our processes and levels of service.

2. Principles:
At Airway Group we pride ourselves on the delivery to our customers of services that are of a high quality. The implementation of a quality management system will enable Airway Group to analyse customer requirements, define processes that will contribute to the achievement of our services that is acceptable to the customer and it will keep those processes under control, ensuring our quality management system will provide the framework for continual improvement and thus increase the probability of enhancing customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of other interested parties.

3. Requirements:
We will develop and implement an appropriate quality management system as per ISO 9001:2015, ensuring a formalised and pro-active approach to systematic business management.

4. Responsibility and Authority:
Responsibility for the achievement of this policy standard rests with the Airway Group’s Managing Director. The Quality Manager will implement the policy standard, monitoring its implementation in the everyday activities of the company and to report to management team.
All staff are responsible for the ownership and undertaking of their quality management functions in accordance with this Policy.