Samsung Air Conditioning

Samsung offer a wide range of products suitable for all types of building. From small split units for your home to commercial VRF/VRV systems.

With some of the most stylish air conditioning units on the market they are sure to have a unit to compliment your interior. The Samsung 360 cassette is extremely popular for commercial properties and the Samsung wind-free units are a great option for offices where drafts from traditional AC units can cause problems with the consistency of the temperature throughout the room, and people can often feel a draft when sat in certain seats of the office.

Samsung – Residential Air Conditioning 
Samsung off a wide range of residential units to suit almost any project. Whether you need a small air conditioning unit for your bedroom or you want air conditioning for your whole house. They also now offer a Wind free unit for the home which is a great option in bedrooms as it draft free and extremely quiet.


Samsung – Commercial Air Conditioning 
Samsung’s commercial range is extremely popular with those who are design conscious, again with a wide range of air conditioning products to suit almost any project. From the wall mounted cassettes and ducted units to floor mounted units. Samsung HVAC are well known for their 360 cassette which is a great feature in any commercial property.

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