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Airport Air Conditioning

Airports are busy places, with thousands of people passing through them every day.

Ensuring that departures, arrivals and terminals are comfortable places to be in is important if holidaymakers are going to enjoy their time in the airport, and that’s why Airway are proud to provide airport air conditioning services for premises around the UK.

Our wide range of air conditioning units means we can cater for any requirement. Take our supply of triple split air conditioning systems, for example: using three internal units and one outer unit, these systems can provide heating and cooling throughout large spaces.

If you operate an airport and you’re in need of prompt, efficient service, high quality materials and trustworthy workmanship, then you need Airway. We’re proud to be a leading provider of air conditioning services and systems from the industry’s biggest names, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic Sanyo.

Airport Electrical & Boiler Services

We also offer electrical services, alongside mechanical services, such as plumbing and heating for airports to ensure that the airport is running exactly as it should.

For more information about our airport air conditioning, electrical or mechanical services, contact us today.

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Some of the brands we work with: