Finding the right Air Conditioning Unit

We know that finding the right air conditioning unit for your home can sometimes feel like a minefield with so many different things to consider; What brand? Where can I have it in the room? What size unit do I need? Can I have a unit that blends with my interior? Are all questions we receive from customers regularly. We are here to help you every step of the way when purchasing your new Air Conditioning for your home. Whether that be sizing up the room to find the required unit size or offering multiple design options so you can pick which unit fits your home aesthetic.

Daikin Wall Mount Air Conditioning Units

Daikin offer a range of different wall mounts that are great for use in homes and domestic settings! We recommend either the Stylish range or the FTXM range.

The Stylish range comes in 4 colours; white, silver, blackwood and matt black. Equipped with Daikin’s Flash Streamer technology, intelligently adjusts airflow patterns for heating or cooling. In heating mode, two louvres direct air downward, while in cooling mode, the louvres move air upward, preventing draughts for a stable, comfortable room temperature. Daikin’s Flash Streamer technology ensures optimal indoor air quality by breaking down allergens, providing cleaner air. Stylish units operate quietly with a newly designed fan, optimising energy efficiency at minimal sound levels for a practically inaudible experience.

The FTXM range, air conditioning suitable for bedrooms, living rooms or small offices. Its features include a heat boost mode, heating up rooms 14% quicker than other AC units. An Infrared controller with a 7-day timer time allowing you to create a heating and cooling schedule for your week. It can also be controlled via your phone, Alexa or Google home device. It also has sensors which detect movement and will turn itself into economy mode when no movement is detected, and when people are detected it directs airflow away from them for comfort cooling and heating with no drafts. The FTXM units are also fitted with a deodorising filter and air purification flash streamer.

Daikin wall Mounts

Mitsubishi Electric Wall Mount Air Conditioning Units

From Mitsubishi we recommend either the Elegance Wall Mounted System or the Zen Wall Mounted System for home Air Conditioning.

The Zen Wall Mount System comes in 3 different colours, black, white and silver (top two pictures). Zen seamlessly integrates energy efficiency, low noise, Wi-Fi control, and air filtration into a sophisticated and streamlined design. With capacities ranging from 1.8kW to 5kW, Zen is suitable for both single and multi-split configurations, making it the ideal solution for residential and small office applications.

The Elegance series offers a broad range of capacities, spanning from 1.5kW to 7.1kW, and is adaptable to both single and multi-split systems. Its compact design ensures versatility, featuring a built-in Wi-Fi interface, users can control it through the MELCloud app, with additional compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Mitsubishi Electric Wall Mounts

Fujitsu Wall Mount Air Conditioning Units

In Fujitsu’s vast range of Air Conditioning units the two we recommend for home use are the ASYG09KETAB (grey) and the ASYG09KMCE (white).

The white unit belongs to Fujitsu’s ECO series, known for its slim and stylish square design. Key features include exceptional energy-saving performance, comfortable airflow, and quiet operation. Smart device control is available as an optional feature.

The silver unit belongs to Fujitsu’s Designer Series. This series is extremely popular due to the sleek design of the unit, it also features a wireless controller, outstanding energy saving performance, motion sensors, comfortable airflow and quiet operation, it also has the optional extra to be able to control it from your phone.

Alternative Domestic Air Conditioning Units

For when a typical wall mount unit isn’t right for your home we have alternative air conditioning units. We have the Daikin Slim Ducted units for when you want Air Conditioning for multiple rooms and the Daikin Floor Standing unit for when you want Air Conditioning for your loft conversion, conservatory or when you are unable to secure a unit to the wall our extend pipework to the external wall.

The cased floor standing unit is perfect for homes, offices or small retail spaces. If space is an issue, the low height means the unit can fit underneath a window or can be installed in a recess. With features such as Heat+ and floor warming mode, app controlled and a deodorising filter it is a great option for your home.

Discretely concealed in the ceiling with only the suction and discharge grille on show, the slim ducted unit is a fantastic option for when you are serving multiple rooms with your Air Conditioning. At only 200mm it can easily be mounted in a ceiling void of only 240mm so is great options for domestic use.

Alternative Domestic Air Conditioning

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