What to do when your Air Conditioning Breaks

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What to do when your Air Conditioning Breaks Written by Airway Air Conditioning Team

Chances are you won’t notice that your air conditioning system isn’t performing as well as it should be until you really need it. Whether it’s the height of summer or an unusually hot day, if you find that your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly, or isn’t functioning at all, there could be a whole host of reasons why:

  • Poor lubrication of the components could produce noises and wear
  • The refrigerant could be leaking
  • Dust and dirt can clog the filters, increasing the power use and reducing the function

Common air conditioning issues

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Leaks – There are a number of causes of air conditioner leaks, whether your unit is leaking water or refrigerant.  It could be the case that the pump is malfunctioning or damaged, or that the vents or drain outlet are blocked with dust or debris that could be causing water to pool – or it could be a completely different issue.

Of course, whether refrigerant or water is leaking from your unit, chances are it won’t continue to function at its best.  While it’s tempting to go in yourself and have a look at what could be causing the problem, it’s not advisable to take your unit apart to see for yourself what the issue may be – not only could you void the warranty, you could also cause further damage to the unit or even cause yourself an injury, so if you do suspect a leak, it’s always best to get in touch with professional air conditioning specialists.  Plus, all suspected refrigerant leaks should be assessed and repaired by trained engineers who will be able to provide a company REFCOM Certification number and F-Gas certificate for your unit.

Not Cooling – Leaks aren’t the only problem to affect your unit’s performance.  If your air conditioner is on but you don’t notice a change in the temperature, the first point to check should be your thermostat.  If this is set to the correct temperature, there are a range of other issues that could be affecting performance – not least blocked filters.

When the filters are blocked, the unit can’t ‘breathe’; this means that it will consume more electricity for a reduced performance, thereby resulting in a less effective output.  This means that your unit will cost more to run without providing the service you require.  It’s therefore imperative that, rather than trying to find the cause yourself, you contact a professional air conditioning engineer to assess an ascertain the cause of your unit’s less than optimal performance.

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Noisy Unit – Some level of noise is to be expected when your air conditioning unit is on – you might hear a slight thumping noise when it turns on and maybe a little buzzing and the sound of the air flowing through – but if your unit begins to make new or strange noises, it could be cause for concern. The first thing is to identify the type and source of the noise. Hissing, popping, cracking and clanking are all commonly reported noises that could cause disruption and be a sign of damage to, or a fault with, the system.

Because the sounds can be so difficult to distinguish, it’s always a good idea to call on the assistance of an air conditioning engineer. Their experience will help them find the cause of the disruption and determine whether it’s a simple job of clearing out an accumulation of dust or a more complex replacement part.  Whatever the issue, they’ll have the experience and skill to undertake any repair or maintenance that may be needed.

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The team of skilled, highly trained air conditioning engineers here at Airway Air Conditioning can provide you with the help you need to resolve any issues your unit may have.  We’re specialists in the supply, installation and repair and maintenance of almost all air conditioners, and because we’re partners with Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, among others, you can be sure that we have what it takes to provide a first class service no matter what brand of unit you own.

So should you suspect that your unit is functioning at its best, whether it’s in your home or business and regardless of the problem, you can rely on our expertise here at Airway.  Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team and let us provide you with the benefits of our years of experience – whether your unit has stopped working completely or simply not performing at its best.