Air Conditioning Systems of the Future

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Air Conditioning Systems of the Future Written by Airway Group Team

The summer is now upon us, and amidst all the flash showers and freak thunderstorms we’re due plenty of scorching sunshine. For anyone stuck indoors, or for those who don’t like to swelter in the day, air conditioning is a godsend. But with worries over energy prices and the environmental impact of using so much electricity, what are the air conditioning creators coming up with for the future of cooling technology?

Some of the potential technology is still a long way away from being available in your household, but our list below will certainly whet your appetite for greener, more efficient cooling in the summer time.

Magnetic Cooling

The key principal behind magnetic cooling was actually discovered in 1881, so it’s surprising that there hasn’t been any real advancement in the idea until now. The magnetocaloric effect is the phenomenon whereby a magnetic material is introduced to a magnetic field where it heats up. When it hits a gap in the field it then cools, cooling the water it travels in. Electricity is still needed to power the magnet, but it uses far less electricity than our current air conditioning options.

The technology is still being worked on as companies seek the best materials and will no doubt first appear in an industrial capacity.

Smart Metal

Smart metals might seem a bit like something from a science-fiction novel at first, but these shape memory alloys are commonly made from familiar metals like nickel, zinc, copper and aluminium. When the metal is put under stress it undergoes a transformation, absorbing heat as it reverts to its original shape.


Daft though the name may be, it’s exactly as it sounds. It was first put into action using a Ben & Jerry’s freezer, but has since been applied to the air conditioning industry. Using a loudspeaker, electricity is turned into sound waves, pushing helium backwards and forwards to compress the gas. Once compressed, the helium will absorb heat from any space – and the benefit of using helium is that it doesn’t impact on the environment. Still a way off production, despite being funded in 2002, this could be a technology we see on the market in the not too distant future.

Solar Cooling

One of the closest to becoming reality from our list is the solar cooling option. As simple as it seems, it still hasn’t been utilised to its full potential in the UK. Using the heat from the sun, a solar air conditioning unit can absorb and transfer the energy into a cooling function. This is then fed back through a series of pipes for the distribution of cold air.

Airway AC

We all know how much solar panels can save us, but what about solar cooling? Perhaps the lack of necessity for cooling in the UK means we are behind the US in our demand for more energy efficient cooling.

All of the above have a reasonable chance of making into our market, but until they do reach us, your best bet for premier air conditioning is to contact the experts. Here at Airway Air Conditioning, we can advise on the right unit for your premises and ensure that it is installed in the ideal location to produce the best results. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your requirements.