How Your Air Conditioning Unit Can Keep You Warm in Winter

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How Your Air Conditioning Unit Can Keep You Warm in Winter Written by Airway Group Team

You might be thinking that now winter is just around the corner your air conditioning will be useless, a forgotten appliance until next spring or summer. Well you might be interested to learn that there is a product on the market which you can use as both a heating and a cooling unit. A heat pump air conditioning unit, once installed and connected to an outside air source, will offer a new way of heating rooms.

At first this may seem like a high cost, high energy product but recent advances in technology means these innovative pumps can actually provide heating with a lower energy usage than conventional heating sources.

Savings with a Heat Pump Unit

The amount of money you save and over what period of time depends on a myriad of factors, including the size of the rooms you need to heat and how well placed your unit is outside. The installation of your unit is key; it needs to be kept free of blockages but located in a place where the noise won’t be a nuisance to you or your neighbours.

By passing refrigerant through an outside coil heat is absorbed from the air, which is then pumped back into your home. This is a far more efficient way of generating heat, as an electric heater will use 100% of the electricity and gives as much as it receives, while the air pump will bring heat from outside using far less electricity.

An added bonus for this system is that your unit can filter the air it pumps into your house; this is perfect for people with allergies and keeps the air in your home clean.


Once installed these units need very little maintenance if placed properly, and although they aren’t carbon neutral (they use electricity to run), they will produce less CO2 than your conventional heating. When winter hits you can use this heating method as a supplement to your radiators and under floor heating to keep you and your family warm. To get the full benefits of this heat source you should first ensure your home is well insulated, this will help you retain as much heat as possible and reduce how high you have to set your other heating devices.

Although the initial outlay might seem steep the heat pump air conditioning is still cheaper than a ground source heat pump. Plus, once winter is over you can return your unit back to its refrigeration cycle, making it a dual purpose appliance. Many modern units already use this reverse refrigeration method, but if you’d like to learn more about having one installed then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 859 5174. This unique solution to your heating needs requires no gas and will perform in cold weather unless temperatures are well into sub-zero arctic conditions.