What Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

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What Is Ducted Air Conditioning? Written by Airway Group Team

All air conditioning systems require a significant amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to their design, installation, servicing and repair, and ducted air conditioning systems are no exception.

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As they’re designed to be completely concealed within your ceiling, they provide highly effective air conditioning to your whole premises thanks to their superb coverage, and it’s this that makes them particularly suitable for larger areas requiring cooling and heating.

They’re a popular choice of air conditioning unit in a number of different industries and environments, as their diffuser grilles mean it’s possible for the unit to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the building, no matter what size of area is to be covered. And as the system is available with a heat pump option, it can be used for both cooling and heating, ensuring a comfortable year-round temperature for inhabitants, employees and visitors.

All ducted air conditioning systems are comprised of a number of components, all of which have a particular part to play in helping to ensure that the system works in the most effective way possible. These include the following:


This unit powers the systems and components that provide refrigerant to the indoor unit, using inverter technology to make it more efficient and economical to run. It is found outside the property, usually installed at the side or rear of the building.

Central Air Conditioning Unit/Fan Coil Unit

This is the part of the air conditioning system that is installed within the premises, usually completely concealed within the ceiling.


This is the part of the unit that carries conditioned air to each room or area within the premises.

Vents/air diffusers

Air diffusers, or air vents, are installed in each room or area in the premises to direct the conditioned air from the ducts and into the internal air. They’re often found in the ceiling, but can be positioned within the walls or floor.

Return Air Grille and Filter

This part of the system returns filtered air back into the central air conditioning unit for the cycle to begin again.

Control Panel

This will be wired up to the system and can either be manually operated or programmed to enable the user to control the air temperature with ease.

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At Airway Air Conditioning, we’re experts when it comes to designing and installing ducted air conditioning systems. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with the advice and assistance you need to determine whether this is the most suitable system for your requirements.

Whatever the type or size of premises you own, investing in ducted air conditioning has never been more straightforward, so why not get in touch with the team today to find out more?