‘Easy Install’ Air Conditioning Units Could Land You In Hot Water

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‘Easy Install’ Air Conditioning Units Could Land You In Hot Water Written by Airway Group Team

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Air conditioning is an essential part of any home or business, with refrigeration for hot months and heating for the cold ones. As with most electrical units, your air conditioning needs routine maintenance and service to ensure it functions correctly at all times. With this in mind, when it comes to installation and maintenance of refrigeration units, it is best to consult professional technicians.

There are many different types of air conditioning units available on the market such as wall-mounted, portable, ducted, floor mounted, and easy-to-install designs. Industry sources have recently raised concerns over the easy-to-install AC units that contain HFCs. Under the new regulation, importers of pre-charged ACs must have F-gas certification otherwise their equipment will not be legal. There have been increased calls from customers to engineers over concerns in easy-install AC units.

By substituting HFCs with CFC systems, there will be a massive reduction in ozone gases and, as a result, companies will be able to implement a responsible approach towards sustainable refrigeration for the safety of consumers and the environment. From January 2017, it will be an offence to install HFC equipment unless it is within quota limits. In addition, from 2018, it will be a legal requirement for manufacturers to assign independent auditors in order to verify the accuracy of their documentation.

HFCs (Hydrocarbons) are highly flammable and potentially explosive even though they are non flammable and non toxic. Air cons that contain HFC must be maintained by fully-trained engineers. Airway Air Conditioning company offers professional installation and maintenance of refrigeration units. Make sure you take care of your ACs before they stop working or pose a health risk to you and your family.

A major risk has arisen in this sense due to that fact that it’s believed electricians are purchasing and attempting to fit these easy install units for people. Despite being qualified electricians, this does not cover the safety requirements needed to install and maintain such units, making it dangerous for the technician and the people who will be using the unit.

Keeping your units working to their best ability will ensure you are thermally comfortable in your home or business premise. When it comes to maintenance, you shouldn’t wait until the unit has stopped working before calling professional technicians. Look out for warning signs which indicate the need for a quick service. These signs include: strange odours from the unit, loud or noisy operation, feeling thermally uncomfortable or noticing leaks and moisture from the unit.

If you would like professional, safe air conditioning installation and servicing to ensure you have high quality refrigeration for your home or business then simply contact Airway Air Conditioning and we’ll be happy to help. Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations on how to get the best from a refrigeration system.