Global Warming & Inefficient Air Conditioning: A Vicious Cycle

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Global Warming & Inefficient Air Conditioning: A Vicious Cycle Written by Airway Group Team

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The spotlight is, and continues to be, on the environment and the impact we have upon it as humans. It can be confusing at times with differing opinions on what our impact actually is and how it is changing the world around us. You might wonder how air conditioning plays a role in this but there is a vicious cycle at play.

The vicious cycle relates to the fact that, as we get warmer as a planet the more our developed countries will turn to air conditioning.

Those with the available income will no doubt invest in air conditioning to keep their homes and workplaces comfortable, but in older types of air conditioners there are harmful refrigerant gases which produce HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons). The more these units are used to cool our homes, the more pollutants they will be releasing into the atmosphere, from here it will become warmer still and the more people will need air conditioning. Though a seemingly slow cycle, it is still a downward spiral nonetheless.

The good news, however, is that an attempt has been made to try and break this cycle before things really get out of hand.

Out With The Old, In With The New

HCFCs are now illegal due to the way in which they trap greenhouse gases more efficiently than carbon dioxide, which is where the real problem lies. No units can now be installed which use these refrigerants and it is no longer possible to service such units; replacement systems must be installed.

The most common refrigerant gas which falls under the now illegal bracket is R22, a prevalent gas for air conditioning units of old. Nearly half of all air conditioning units in the UK were using this type of gas in 2013 but the numbers have fallen dramatically because the rules stipulate that these units must be replaced whenever they are up for service, repair or replacement.

Thanks to these new rules it is hoped that air conditioning and it’s related byproducts will no longer be contributing to the growing concern which is global warming. New units have a greater efficiency, 30-40% more efficient in fact, helping both the environment but also keeping energy bills as low as possible.

The recent hot weather in the UK is proof that there is a call for air conditioning in both homes as well as commercial properties. Many countries have these units as standard and now, with improved regulations over the efficiency of air conditioning refrigerants and their impact on global warming, the UK can also benefit from greater thermal comfort all year round.

At Airway Air Conditioning we know how important it is to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum, which is why we only supply energy efficient air conditioning units – with R22 gases phased out completely from our work.

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