The Importance of Reliable Refrigeration

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The Importance of Reliable Refrigeration Written by Airway Group Team

The humble domestic fridge has been around now for about 100 years in some form or another. Over that time it has undergone changes, but none so drastic that they have reinvented the product. Now we are entering an age where refrigeration is ever more important, not just in the home but for commercial enterprises. There are several different industries which need reliable refrigeration every minute of every day and now, with increasing accuracy for temperature and fail-safe measures, the stability needed is more achievable than ever.

Food Industry

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The first and most obvious industry that needs reliable refrigeration is the food industry. For the freshest – but also the safest – food we need to keep it at particular temperatures. If food isn’t kept well frozen while in storage or transit then it can be detrimental to anyone who eats it. In this modern age we understand much better about the risks of disease from our food. With that in mind it is a little more understandable that we trust the food we buy less and less (sometimes hypnotised by media horror stories). This aversion to food which has been out of the right refrigeration temperature results in a lot of waste – waste that can be avoided with better refrigeration. Waste costs the company, the customer and the environment.

There have been a lot of advances for commercial companies looking to reduce the waste of food in storage and transit including walk in fridges and walk in freezers. These come in industrial or small sizes and have such fail-safe advances as intricate control over internal temperature and lockable doors to prevent anyone leaving the door open by accident. When the food is on display in store it also needs to be kept fresh and cool in display units so the performance of the units here is crucial.


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The pharmacology industry is also another area in which consistent and reliable refrigeration is vital. Vaccines, medicines and even blood needs to be kept at the right temperature to ensure that they are compliant with the FDA regulations. Regulations are in place to minimise and eradicate mistakes that could potentially be life threatening when it comes to medicine – the better a medicine or vaccine performs the better off the person taking it will be. The high value products can be protected from theft, fire and internal temperature changes when doors are opened.

Developments in technology mean that commercial refrigeration has become much more advanced than the domestic fridge you’ll have at home, and there are plans to go even further in the future to prevent waste and fluctuating temperatures. A research report by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) points out areas of improvement, such as air curtains to contain the temperature even when a door is opened and advanced temperature monitoring of individual items from the outside on one system.

To find out more about how refrigeration systems can benefit your company, including the maintenance of such units to ensure optimal functioning no matter what industry, then contact Airway Air Conditioning today. We are experts in the installation and upkeep of cold rooms, walk in freezers, walk in fridges and food display cabinets.