Is Air Conditioning Healthy?

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Is Air Conditioning Healthy? Written by Airway Group Team

Air conditioning is used in buildings and vehicles all over the world, keeping our indoor climates as we like them, adjusting to our requirements at the touch of a button or the twist of a dial. If you have an air conditioning unit that is working perfectly, with no signs of problems, then it is very unlikely that you’ll give it a second thought, unless you need to change temperature at some point. However, although air conditioning provides an excellent service, is the temperature controlled air bad for you or is it totally healthy? This article will look into the health benefits of air conditioning systems as well as the potential health risks of poorly maintained systems to answer the question, “is air conditioning healthy?”

Reasons why air conditioning is actually healthy

It’s good for hydration

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Having air at the right temperature greatly reduces the risk of dehydration, which can help with a number of factors. For example, if the climate in your workplace is not ideal, your staff can be dehydrated, which can affect alertness, output and morale. By providing clean, temperature-controlled air, you can ensure that those in your building are comfortable.

It reduces the presence of parasites and insects

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Pesky insects and parasites love warmer temperatures, providing them with the perfect breeding ground. Not only is it unpleasant and annoying to see insects, however tiny, dotted around an office, room or workplace, but these parasites and insects can also present a health risk to your employees. By keeping your air at a comfortably low temperature, you will reduce the risk and presence of unwelcome visitors, making your workplace more pleasant and safer to be in.

It keeps staff happier

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A happy workplace is a productive workplace, and your air conditioning system can certainly play its part in increasing morale. If you ensure that the climate in your workplace is comfortable for all, then you will be helping to increase your workplace’s productivity, as staff are not distracted by being uncomfortable or dehydrated, as mentioned above.

It improves air quality

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If the system is installed properly, and that all-important regular maintenance is carried out, then you will enjoy much-improved air quality, as the unit renews the air as it circulates it. While it may be very difficult to notice at the time, it is of considerable benefit to those within your building.

It’s good for allergies

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If you have hayfever, then you will know all too well just how annoying it can be, especially during the warmer months. However, with clean, well-maintained air conditioning, the presence of external allergens, like pollen, is greatly decreased, which means those with a pollen allergy will be less affected.

How to keep air conditioning healthy

There are a few risks that are associated with air conditioning systems, but a lot of them can be eliminated if you manage your system correctly. With that said, here is how to approach the potential risks that your system can produce.

Bear respiratory issues in mind

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Using an air conditioning system appropriately, as we mentioned above, can do wonders for the comfort of those in the building. However, if there are drastic changes in temperature and humidity, then it can cause respiratory issues and make people very uncomfortable. Ensure that whoever is in charge of operating the unit and controlling the temperature is aware that they must be consistent with their climate adjustments.

Avoid poor cleaning

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The importance of air conditioning maintenance cannot be overstated. A poorly managed system is prone to sub-par efficiency and faults, which may not only cost you money, but can also pose health issues. For example, if a system is not regularly maintained and cleaned, the quality of the air it circulates can drop, which can lead to bacteria and fungi being transmitted around the room. It is preferable that you have a maintenance contract with the installer of your system, or you are at least very vigilant and disciplined in arranging consistent maintenance and servicing.

Is air conditioning healthy? – the verdict

It is important to remember that air conditioning is healthy, but it will only stay healthy if you take the correct steps to maintain it and keep it clean. If you notice a fault that you are unsure of, seek professional assistance to help return your air conditioning system to its most efficient, cleanest state.

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