Keeping Animals Out of Your Air Conditioning System

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Keeping Animals Out of Your Air Conditioning System Written by Airway Group Team

Whether you’re keen on using your air conditioning unit for cooling or heating your home, the last thing you want is uninvited guests making their way into your system from the outside. At any time of year you could have animals in your ductwork but with colder months approaching, more warm blooded creatures will be seeking shelter.

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Many animals see ductwork and vents as a great place to nest and make a home, but this can lead to strange noises in your home – birds, rodents and other marsupials are common offenders.

The biggest worry with animals in your air conditioning system is that they could die, causing horrible odours to emanate inside and outside of your home. This is clearly something you don’t want – it’s a distressing time for an animal and can be frightening for you too. It’s for these reasons that we bring to you a few handy tips for keeping animals out of your system any time of the year.

Check for existing guests

You might not know whether you’ve previously had pests so the first thing you need to do is check that there are no existing pests in your system. If you find pests you can have them removed and hopefully this will prevent families of rodents or birds from making a permanent home. You also don’t want to take our next piece of advice before first checking your vents and ductwork…

Seal off all entry points

There will be many potential entry points into your home and air conditioning system and the best way to stop pests entering is to take preemptive action, locating any points where an animal might get in. Many of these points will be obvious but consider how small some animals are – then check that even the smallest cracks or holes are sealed up to prevent nesting issues.

You can use wire mesh to cover entry points which need to be left open, but any cracks in your ducts or other areas in your home should be filled too.

Dust for prints

This might sound a bit outlandish but if you suspect you have guests in your system and you want to be sure before taking any drastic action, try dusting with talc or flour at entry points. Obviously rain and wind could hamper this but if you can find little paw prints to suggest there are pests in your system, then you will feel much more inclined to have the problem solved properly.

Call in the experts

Tampering with your air conditioning system or trying to access your ductwork can be dangerous and you won’t want to risk damaging any vital components on a hunch. The best thing to do when you have a pest problem is call in the experts to assist you. At Airway Air Conditioning we can provide air conditioning servicing and maintenance for your system, keeping everything running at it’s optimum for when you need it most.

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