LG Air Conditioning Fault Codes Explained

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LG Air Conditioning Fault Codes Explained Written by Airway Group Team

Like all appliances and electronic equipment, there will come a time where your air conditioning will encounter a fault. When that happens, swift action is required to minimise downtime and inconvenience. Knowing your unit’s particular fault codes and what they mean can help you diagnose the issue and inform your engineer of the issue, allowing for a quick resolution. Below we have explained the meanings of common LG air conditioning fault codes:LG air conditioning fault codes infographic

Wall Units (Single split)

C1 or CH1: A fault with the indoor temperature sensor, open or closed circuit
C2 or CH2 2: A fault with the indoor temperature sensor, open or closed circuit
C4 or CH4 4: There’s an issue with the heat sink temperature sensor, open or closed circuit
C5 or CH5 5: The issue is with the communication between indoor and outdoor units
C6 or CH6 6: The inverter DC power circuit is experiencing excessive voltage(can be indoor pipe outlet sensor, or outdoor condenser sensor on some models)
C7 or CH7 7: There’s excessive compressor current present
C8 or CH8 8: The indoor fan has stopped rotating
C9 or CH9 9: The outdoor fan has stopped rotating
CA 10: The discharge temperature has exceeded 130 degrees or there is a fault with the discharge thermistor
CC 2 + 1: EEPROM error
CD 3 + 1: The inverter module has encountered an error
Po: System in Power Mode – this is not a fault
Lo: System in test mode – this is not a fault

Please note: on units with alpha-numeric displays, the letter/number combination is an indicator of the fault. On other units, the number of flashes, as indicated by the red numbers above, conveys the the type of fault. There is a 3 second delay between repeated flashes.

Universal units (including multi-split)

01: Air sensor (open/short) Open / Short circuit
02: Inlet pipe sensor Open / Short circuit
03: Communication(Indoor ↔ Wired R/Control) Communication Poorly
04: Drain pump / Float switch Float switch Open circuit (High level water alarm)
05: Communication(Indoor ↔ Outdoor) Communication Poorly
06: Outlet pipe sensor Open / Short circuit
07: Different operation mode Indoor units set in different operation modes
09: Checksum Error Defective PCB or EEPROM Connections
10: BLDC Motor Fan Lock (Indoor) Fan Motor or PCB Defective
HL: Hard Lock (Controlled by External Source) Controlled by Dry Contact or Central Controller
CL: Child Lock Function selected: Not an error, press Timer & Min buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to toggle on/off
Po: Jet Cool Mode selected Not an error, press Jet Cool button to toggle

If you’re looking for assistance with your LG air conditioning fault codes or your air conditioning system in general, please get in touch with us at Airway Air Conditioning and we will do our best to help.