Outdoor Air Conditioning Cover Ideas

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Outdoor Air Conditioning Cover Ideas Written by Airway Group Team

There’s no contesting the argument that air conditioning units are extremely important to maintaining a comfortable climate and temperature within any property. They are constantly working to ensure that we’re comfortable at work, that produce and volatile materials in factories and laboratories are stable, and our server rooms don’t overheat. However, they’re not designed with home decor trends in mind, and it can be difficult to position them in a way that complements the look of your home.  In this piece, the Airway team will look at the ways you can provide your outdoor air conditioning units with attractive covers that help them blend in with the exterior of your property.

Wooden Crate

wooden crate air conditioning cover

Used throughout gardens, either in naturally-occurring variants or purchased, cut and designed to suit the appearance of your outdoor space, wood is commonly available and very customisable. A simple air conditioning housing unit can be crafted with a few lengths of wood and some nails or ultra-strong adhesive. Once you’ve successfully completed the structure, you can then hide your air conditioning unit from view, complementing the exterior of your property and adding a more personal touch.


wooden house outdoor air con cover

The term ‘housing’ in relation to air conditioning might conjure images of plain containers, rooms and cases,  but why not give your air conditioning unit a literal house? With the right materials and a bit of craftsmanship, you can make an intricate casing for your unit. Use lattice work to allow for the influx of air, and add a sloped ‘roof’ to your creation to create a quaint, attractive housing that slots seamlessly into your garden.

Mosaic effect casing

mosaic effect casing for outdoor air conditioning

If you’ve accidentally smashed a glass or a bottle, the first thing to do is sweep up the shards and pieces and put them in the bin. However, there is actually a use for broken glass. Purchasing lengths of wood for posts, as well as wider, flat wooden squares to cover the unit will provide you with the perfect canvas for your broken glass mosaic. Arrange the pieces to your liking, and then attach them to the flat ‘walls’ of the housing with clear silicon or similar.

Picket fencing

picket fencing air conditioning area

A classic choice of boundary for homes around the world, picket fencing can also be used on a smaller scale to make for an effective and attractive casing for your outdoor air conditioning unit. You might need some 2×4 lengths of wood to help with measuring out boundaries if you’d like to add a gravel border around the air conditioning unit. Surrounding your unit with picket fencing so it’s out of sight, but leaving a side free (perhaps the one closest to the wall or the far side of the unit) for any maintenance requirements will ensure you have an attractive and practical cover for your air conditioning.

Above are just a few tips as to what you can do with some spare materials and a bit of handiwork. Whichever method of covering your AC you decide to opt for, it’s important that you leave room for access, should maintenance be required, and also that ventilation is available. There are endless ways to cover your outdoor air conditioning unit which will add to the exterior of your property, rather than detracting from it.

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