Panasonic Sanyo Air Conditioning Fault Codes Explained

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Panasonic Sanyo Air Conditioning Fault Codes Explained Written by Airway Group Team

If your property makes use of a Panasonic Sanyo air conditioner, knowing the various error codes that your unit may display can prove to be very helpful in the event of a fault. Being able to let your engineer know the fault code/fault your unit is displaying will minimise repair time, or it may even enable you to fix the problem yourself. Take a look below for common Panasonic Sanyo air conditioning fault codes along with explanations of what they mean.

panasonic sanyo air conditioning fault codes

A01 GHP – Engine oil pressure fault
A02 GHP – Engine oil level fault
A03 GHP – Engine over speed
A04 GHP – Engine under speed
A05 GHP – Ignition power supply failure
A06 GHP – Engine start up failure
A07 GHP – Fuel gas valve failure
A08 GHP – Engine stalled
A09 GHP – Engine overload
A10 GHP – High exhaust gas temp