Summer 2014 Could Be The Hottest On Record

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Summer 2014 Could Be The Hottest On Record Written by Airway Group Team

By now we’ve probably all heard about how it’s been the wettest winter in the UK for around 100 years, but we now get to look forward to the potential for the hottest summer on record. Scientists, using the El Nino weather patterns on the Pacific equator, have predicted a 75% chance of this year delivering up the hottest summer season on record.

It’s hardly surprising, given that parts of London have already seen 20°C temperatures in March, while the rest of the country is seeing plenty of broken sunshine and less of the torrential downpours that caused the flooding earlier in the year.

Air conditioning for the home

With this in mind you might want to consider the air conditioning for your home, because while many people will want to be outside enjoying the sunshine if it hits, there will be plenty of time spent sweltering indoors. With air conditioning units fitted in your home you can ensure that the thermal comfort of your home is exactly how you like it day or night. Leaving windows open to aerate your home can leave you susceptible to crime and it can also be noisy and dirty if you live by a busy road.

Preparation is key: if you already have air conditioning then now is the time to have it checked over by a trained, professional engineer. If you haven’t used your air conditioning since the previous summer, it is always advised that you have the unit inspected and have any filters cleaned out. This will ensure that once the temperature starts to rise, your unit can be working at optimum efficiency as soon as possible without wasting energy and costing you more on your monthly bills.

Once installed by a qualified engineer you can have quality air conditioning for years to come, rather than struggling through each year.

Air conditioning for the business

Much like your home, your business can be susceptible to crime, and leaving windows open once the humid temperatures hit indoors just isn’t possible sometimes. A simple solution is to fit air conditioning, regardless of the size of your building, with multiple units available to cool different rooms.

For workers indoors it can be unbearable to work when the building is so warm, not only can they see the glorious sunshine outside but they feel the worst of it inside. With air conditioning you can lessen the effects of the heat wave and increase productivity for your team.

If you have a lot of equipment that relies on steady temperatures to operate, then air conditioning can be vital in the summer, helping to prevent the overheating of computers and machinery. Downtime of these vital components can be costly in terms of repairs and the business time lost. That’s why it is key to have air conditioning installed wherever needed in your building.

Repairs and maintenance before the hot weather arrives can also be of great benefit as you’ll avoid the stress and hassle of any breakdowns and keep your units running to their optimum level. What’s more – your workers and customers can literally feel the difference that air conditioning makes, they’ll feel looked after and will work harder or, if you have customers, they’ll be more likely to make purchases when spending time in your premises.

To have your air conditioning checked over by a professional, or if you’re interested in having units installed to prepare for the summer ahead, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Airway Air Conditioning today.