Wall Mounted Air Conditioning vs Window Air Conditioning

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Wall Mounted Air Conditioning vs Window Air Conditioning Written by Airway Group Team

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Air conditioning is becoming an increasingly popular way to keep a comfortable temperature in homes and business premises in the UK. With this added interest in thermal comfort comes the choice of which type of unit to have installed. When most people think about air conditioning they think about units balanced on a window ledge, but this type of unit never really took off here. In this article we’ll look at why wall mounted air conditioning is rapidly becoming the standard for many premises over the old, window mounted units you might currently see abroad.


Repairs are generally easier on a wall mounted air conditioning unit due to the fact that the internal workings of the unit are all easily accessible underneath the neat chassis which covers it. Should your unit encounter any difficulties you – or a trained engineer – will have no difficulty negotiating the inner workings to get parts replaced or cleaned up.

A window air conditioning unit might also have been easy to access up to to a certain point, but might have required the movement of the unit from the window to properly assess the problem at hand. This involved extra work and was inconvenient if your window wasn’t on the ground floor of the building.


Many people will probably see pictures of the old window mounted units and think they must be easier to install. However, the thing to remember is that a wall mounted unit doesn’t mean that a huge hole is cut into the wall leading outside, a wall mounted unit can be placed on most walls, giving you more options when choosing where to place it unlike the old window units which, evidently, were not all that popular.


Thermal comfort is the main goal when thinking about air conditioning, but many people are also conscious of how their home or building will look once a unit is installed. It should come as no surprise that fitting a window unit on your ledge looks unattractive from both the inside and the outside, while a wall mounted unit can sit internally, higher up the wall with a simple chassis. The covering afforded by the wall mounted unit helps it to blend into the furniture of the room and creates a more professional look when placed in offices and commercial premises.


Finally, when considering the practical and aesthetic values of air conditioning units it’s easy to see why we have shifted to wall mounted air conditioners. The wall mounted unit will be placed higher up on your wall – almost any wall of your choosing – and is therefore out of the way, it creates no obstacle for people in the room and you’ll have peace of mind all year round.

A window air conditioning unit presented issues because you have to trap the unit in the window itself, rendering the window immobile. Once placed on the window ledge you would not have been able to open the window without having to remove the whole unit first. There were also concerns about how much of a seal the unit creates in your window space, with the potential for warm air to leak out in the winter months.

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