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Case Study

Royal Papworth Hospital

Airway Group Installed Mitsubishi Electric Wall Mounted Power Inverter Systems and Walk-in Coldrooms for Royal Papworth Hospital’s Heart and Lung Research Institute.

Royal Papworth Hospital’s new Heart and Lung Research Institute is an exciting development for the hospital, bringing state-of-the-art facilities for research into heart and lung diseases. Airway Group were awarded the contract to install Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling equipment for the IT intake room, SER rooms, and freezer stores on the ground, first, and second floors of the new building.

Energy efficiency was a driving factor in equipment selection, as the project was designed to achieve BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification. BREEAM is a leading sustainability assessment method for buildings and infrastructure projects, used to measure and rate the environmental performance of buildings.

The new Air Conditioning equipment comprised of 14 No.10kw Mitsubishi Electric Wall Mounted Power Inverter systems to serve the IT intake room, SER rooms. Installation included pipework, containment, control cabling, and condensate removal pumps. Each unit also included a ModBus/Bacnet BMS interface to allow for easy and monitoring from the new Building Management System.

In addition, Airway Group installed a further 3 No. 10 Kw Mitsubishi Electric Wall mounted Power Inverter systems to serve the ground Floor MER room. These were configured to provide duty rotation and back-up using Mitsubishi’s own PAR 33 MAA remote controllers.

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-M100KA wall mounted indoor units and PUZ-ZM100VKA outdoor units were used for this project due to their supreme reliability, performance and efficiency. The BMS interfaces used for each of the 17 systems were MelcoBEMS mini’s.

To meet the project’s requirement for two walk-in coldrooms, Airway Group installed these using Scandia GreenFoam panels with an inner ply skin to support shelving, sliding doors with level access, and lighting as per the specification. Each coldroom included a duty and standby refrigeration system controlled by an auto-changeover panel with duty rotation and back-up, as well as trapped person alarms linked to the BMS.

The cold room refrigeration equipment used was from the Searle KEC range of evaporators connected to Danfoss Optyma Plus condensing units.

The installation was completed on time and within budget, meeting the hospital’s requirements for energy efficiency, reliability, and ease of use.

The new systems have helped to ensure great air quality and a high level of temperature control within Royal Papworth Hospital, ensuring a comfortable and safe working environment for staff and patients. Airway Group’s expertise and attention to detail allowed them to provide a tailored solution that met Royal Papworth Hospital’s needs, while also ensuring high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Overall, Airway Group’s installation of Mitsubishi Electric Wall Mounted Power Inverter Systems and walk-in coldrooms has helped Royal Papworth Hospital to upgrade their facilities, preparing them for the new Heart and Lung Research Institute, and providing a comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient environment for staff and patients alike.

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