Why is My Air Conditioning Leaking?

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Why is My Air Conditioning Leaking? Written by Airway Group Team

Air conditioning plays a crucial role in homes and businesses around the world, keeping properties cool in the summer and warm in the winter, helping people stay comfortable, produce stay fresh and machinery stay operational. However, like all systems, air conditioning can be liable to faults, including leaks. In this article, we will look at what causes leaks in your air conditioning systems and how they can be fixed.

1 Broken pump

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A common cause of a leaky air conditioning unit is a broken condensate pump. To be certain that it is the condensate pump that is causing the problem, pour some water into the drain pan. If the excess water is not pumped out, then the condensate pump is broken.<
Check that it is receiving power – if it is, then the issue may lie with the motor or condenser. Sometimes these are wired directly into a unit and a non-trained person doing this could electrocute themselves. Contact a professional for assistance.<

2 Incorrect installation

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If your air conditioning unit is not installed correctly, it can be susceptible to problems. For example, if it is installed unevenly, there will likely be some leakage.
To rectify this issue, check if the unit is level and consult an engineer if its installation needs realignment.

3 Humidity levels

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Excessive levels of humidity can cause condensation to form on the plastic of the indoor unit. If this only happens in moderation on days with abnormal weather then it may not be too much of an issue. If it’s a frequent and significant problem, however, you’ll need to contact an engineer for advice.

4 Dirty air filters

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This an issue that can be quite commonplace in air conditioning units, as it is something that occurs over time if regular maintenance is not carried out. When dirt and dust gets into the air filters, it prevents air getting through consistently, which will obviously result in reduced performance from the unit.

5 Dirty drain line/drip tray

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Another potential side-effect of lack of maintenance is dirt and sludge building up inside the coil, drain line and into the drip tray. Too much of this can cause a blockage in your air conditioning unit, leading to a leak. For these reasons, it’s important to keep your unit well-maintained.

6 Frozen evaporator coil

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As mentioned, a dirty air filter can lead to your evaporator coil freezing, but there is also another potential cause of such an issue. If the level of refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is low, this can also cause the coil to freeze.<
Once the unit has been turned off it will defrost. You must then call a professional to find the cause of the lack of refrigerant.
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