The Air Conditioning Installation Process

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The Air Conditioning Installation Process Written by Airway Group Team

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The range of benefits that air conditioning brings to your home or business is wide and varied. From a perfectly conditioned environment to regulated temperature for a server room, HVAC systems have their advantages in many different scenarios. However, their on-going efficiency relies on correct and proficient installation, and this is something that really requires the help of a professional to ensure that it’s done correctly.

Portable Units

Portable air conditioning units require very little expertise to install, they generally only require an exhaust hose to be placed out of a window or a large hole to be drilled to outside. However, first of all, assess the size of the room to determine what size of unit is required. There are a number of handy calculators online to help you do this. Choose a unit that is too small in duty and it will cost a lot in electric for not much output; a unit too large will cool the area too much.

VRF Systems

The installation of a more complex HVAC system, such as split and VRF systems necessitates involving the professionals. These systems require internal, external, electrical and plumbing work. The new Fgas regulations also state that the installation of such systems can only be installed by suitably qualified engineers.

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The above doesn’t mean you should be told what to have and where to have it; there are many choices that you should be involved in and have your say. The key elements are:

  • Type of system i.e. portable, small split, large VRF
  • Size of duty
  • Positioning of internal units
  • Positioning of external units
  • Distance between internal and external
  • Energy efficiency

The best way to ensure a successful air conditioning installation is to contact the professionals. Airway Air conditioning carry out thorough and expert fitting of all HVAC units, and all of our engineers are fully qualified to make sure that all relevant regulations and legislation is closely adhered to.

So for air conditioning installation at any house, shop, office, restaurant, bar, hotel, factory, server room or other public building, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Airway Air Conditioning today.