Air conditioning in schools improves concentration

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Air conditioning in schools improves concentration Written by Airway Air Conditioning Team

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We all know that Britain isn’t a tropical location, but temperatures can still soar to the point where we have heatwaves and MET office warnings. Average temperatures for our country tends to show that summers will hit 20℃ with some areas getting a little more heat than others.

This average might seem cool to anyone living in a country blessed with more sunshine, but for us it sees harder working conditions and the risk of dehydration. You’ll no doubt be used to seeing headlines in newspapers which warn us of temperatures for the summer of anything up to 30℃ at points, leaving the young and the elderly most at risk.

All of this leaves us with the question of our children who are expected to sit and learn in school during the summer months, both before and after the 6-week holiday in the middle of the year.

Too hot to concentrate

For many children it’s a struggle to concentrate in class most of the time and we’ll all remember our own sweltering days in the classroom. It’s great for lunch time where children are free to roam and play games, but there comes a point where heat in the classroom reaches a certain point and concentration drops significantly.

To be able to study to their optimum pupils need to have a thermally comfortable environment and while being too cold can cause illness, being too hot can also cause severe dehydration and slows down cognitive abilities. It’s little wonder then that schools are being urged to make use of air conditioning to improve the learning experience of their students.

When talking about the heat and how hard it is to concentrate in schools, we must also factor in the value of teachers. They too could be feeling the drain which humid rooms can have, sapping their patience and their enthusiasm. While we expect them to remain professional at all times, our children would surely benefit from teachers who are working in optimum conditions.

Learning about energy efficiency

Previously there may have been a worry about having air conditioning running in buildings as large as schools but advances in technology have created far more energy efficient systems. This is something schools can teach their students about as they strive to make everyone more conscious about energy usage and carbon footprints.
Why is air conditioning good for schools?

Air conditioning for schools is the ideal solution to the summer heat but it might also be worth mentioning that all air conditioning systems can be used to keep rooms warm in winter. Many school buildings can be poorly insulated due to their age and schools simply don’t have the budget for the massive overhaul needed. Air conditioning could have a double impact in this case with heating and cooling functions all year round.

If the cost of an air conditioning system is also out of budget then it might also be worth looking into energy efficiency financing to fund the installation or enhanced capital allowances to provide tax allowances for an environmentally friendly upgrade. This gives schools the ability to cool and heat rooms without taking such a huge hit in terms of cost.

Here at Airway Air Conditioning we can provide air conditioning systems for schools whether it’s a brand new system, air source heat pumps or portable air conditioning units. Simply contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep schools cool in summer and warm in winter.