Airway Win Daikin R32 Award

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Airway Win Daikin R32 Award Written by Airway Group Team

In 2016, Airway Air Conditioning received an award from air conditioning manufacturer Daikin for selling the largest amount of R-32-based air conditioning units of all UK suppliers. We are very proud to have received this award – it is a great feeling to see our commitment to supplying our customers with the best possible equipment recognised.

Airway AC

Holding the 2016 Daikin R32 sales award at the awards ceremony

The air conditioning industry is one that is constantly innovating, whether it be the design of new, slimmer units or implementing smart technology for ease of use. One such innovation is the ongoing and increasing use of R-32 refrigerant in air conditioning units. R-32 is an efficient conveyer of heat, so efficient in fact that it is able to reduce electricity consumption by 10% when compared to air conditioners that use R-22 refrigerant. Other refrigerants, such as R-410A possess a global warming potential that is a third higher than that of R-32.

Airway AC

Airway receiving the R32 award

Daikin Industries recently reached the magnificent milestone of 10 million sales of R-32-based air conditioning units and heat pumps, an achievement that is testament to both the reputation and quality of Daikin and their commitment to environmentally-friendly production and products. In November 2012, Daikin were the first company to launch an air conditioning unit that used R-32 (also known as HFC-32), and since then, they have gone from strength to strength, as these figuresw.

Daikin’s R-32 Timeline

Sept 2011 – Free access granted to emerging countries for 93 patents concerning the manufacture and sale of air conditioning units using R-32.

June 2012 to March 2014 – Demonstrations conducted in India that verified the refrigerant’s efficiency in reducing CO2 emissions. Support provided for training in the installation and maintenance of these units – approximately 3,600 technicians across 12 cities were trained, and a new legislation for energy-saving was established in India.

November 2012 – Urusara 7 goes on sale, becoming the first room air conditioner to use HFC-32.

March 2013 – Units using R-32 go on sale in India.

November 2013 – Five Star Zeas, the world’s first commercial air-conditioner to use R-32 goes on sale. Sales for R-32 units begin in Europe.

January 2014 – Sales of R-32 units begin in Australia.

April 2014 – R-32-based units go on sale in Thailand.

September 2015 – All countries granted free access to the 93 patents concerning the manufacture and sale of R-32 units.

October 2015 – Daikin are recognised by the U.S Government as a company contributing to the environment, owing to its continuing attempts at reducing greenhouse gases.

December 2015 – Daikin are awarded the 2015 Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity in Japan.

March 2017 – Sales of air conditioners using R-32 refrigerant reach 10 million globally, across 52 countries.

The growing sales of R-32 air conditioners and companies like Daikin’s commitment to promoting them worldwide is only a positive sign as we strive to find more ways to reduce our impact on our environment.

Airway Air Conditioning are proud to supply air conditioning units from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Daikin, to commercial and domestic customers alike. For more information, get in touch with us today.