The Benefits of Ventilation

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The Benefits of Ventilation Written by Airway Group Team

With tightly sealed homes and commercial premises we find ourselves with better insulation and protection from the elements outside. The downside of this, however, is that there is not as good a circulation of fresh air. To open a window or door could lose the effects of your heating or cooling system which would be a waste of energy, not only that but with increased pollution you might not actually get the fresh air you were after.

With a good ventilation system you can have fresh air as well as keep the temperature and weather issues under control.


There are short term and long term effects to having different pollutants swirling through your building. Whether it’s a general fume from nearby roads or toxic fumes from your own commercial operations, you won’t be getting fresh air by opening the windows. Irritation of eyes, nose and respiratory system can be immediate when pollutants fill the air.

Hot or Cold

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Temperature can impact how well your employees work, with heat and condensation making it difficult and uncomfortable. Similarly you will also see a drop in productivity if you have too much cold air or stale air. Comfort is paramount here but a serious lack of ventilation could have a seriously negative impact on anyone without those environments. A good ventilation system can exchange air to maintain the freshness of the air coming in and regulate the temperature, ensuring you don’t lose any energy spent in keeping your building airtight. This can also sometimes be known as heat recovery.

Fresh Air

Never underestimate how much fresh air can improve conditions for the people within your building. Ventilation can remove any lingering mould or fungus spores and replace it with purer air; this in turn will lead to better blood circulation and purer oxygen for the brain. By reducing airborne bacteria and allergens you will be protecting workers and residents in your premises and therefore ensuring a safer working environment.

Protect your Building

While the main concern will be centred on the wellbeing of the people within the building, you might also find ventilation benefits the building itself. Extraction helps remove heat and moisture that would otherwise cling to walls and windows causing mould and damp to accumulate. Over time this kind of build-up can cause damage to the décor of your premises when ventilation is poor. Often opening the windows simply isn’t an option so a ventilation system is an ideal solution.

You’ll be surprised at how far technology has advanced in this area. Usually ventilation systems aren’t even seen or registered by us, we accept that they are part of a building. Hopefully, now you can fully appreciate just how important they are and how much they can benefit you.

A good ventilation system is both good for health and the productivity of anyone in your building, whether it’s the public, workers or permanent residents. Get in touch with us at Airway Air Conditioning to find out about how our ventilation systems can benefit you.