How to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise

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How to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise Written by Airway Group Team

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Air conditioners provide a very useful service for those within a property, whether that property is a modest home or a large office complex. Working around the clock to keep our property at the correct temperature can be strenuous on any system, and as such, it may emit a fair amount of noise, which can be annoying and distracting. The steps below explain how to reduce air conditioner noise.

Steps to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise

There are steps that you can take to help reduce the noise of your air conditioning system, and this article will look into them in detail.

  • By keeping air conditioning units away from windows and rooms that are commonly used by people, you can minimise the disturbance created by the system. Installing the unit at the front of your house is often the best place to avoid noise irritance.
  • Using distance to reduce noise is very effective, too. By doubling the distance between you and your air conditioning unit, you can reduce the noise by 6dB.
  • Avoid installing your unit between brick walls or in corners that have multiple reflective surfaces. Just as sound echoes in certain environments, the noise from the air conditioning can bounce off the walls and surfaces and amplify the noise.
  • If you sign up for regular maintenance for your system, this can help reduce your unit’s noise too. As time goes on, the fans and other parts may become clogged or partially blocked by dust and debris, which means it has to work harder to do its job, which results in more noise. Removing these blockages and preventing them can help keep noise levels down.
  • While sound can bounce off certain types of walls, installing a solid wall between yourself and the air conditioning unit can serve to block out the noise. Materials for this wall could be wood, concrete, brick and metal.
  • Certain air conditioning units are designed with noise reduction in mind. Cheaper units are often noisier as they are made from parts that are of a lesser quality. More sophisticated units feature a sound blanket and a quiet fan which helps reduce the amount of noise emitted.

By following the above steps, or even adhering to a few of them, you can reduce the noise that your air conditioning unit makes, making life more comfortable for you and for those who use your property.

Getting Assistance

Airway Air Conditioning are proud to provide the highest quality air conditioning units from the market leaders, as well as installations, maintenance and repairs. If you would would like assistance with reducing your air conditioner noise level or would like a recommendation on a quiet air conditioning unit, please get in touch with us today on 0800 859 5174.