Recommended AC Temperatures for Different Environments – With Infographic!

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Recommended AC Temperatures for Different Environments – With Infographic! Written by Airway Air Conditioning Team

Air conditioning units are used in buildings of all types around the world, providing invaluable services that we sometimes take for granted. However, as different environments require different temperatures, it can be difficult to know how you should configure your system. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of different environments and their recommended temperatures.

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Server Rooms

Server rooms are constantly working to keep networks running, playing vitally important roles in almost every business’ function. With the stress that servers are placed under and the constant nature of their function, they emit a lot of heat, which can make them susceptible to breakdown if server rooms are not adequately air conditioned. It is recommended that temperatures do not dip below 11 degrees celsius, and they do not exceed 28 degrees celsius. The optimum temperature for server rooms is between 20 and 22 degrees celsius.


In order for the staff in your office to be as productive as possible, they need to be comfortable, and temperature is one of the key factors in how comfortable a workplace is. There is no law stating a minimum or maximum allowed temperature in an office, but it is recommended that workrooms should be a minimum of 16 degrees celsius, or 13 degrees celsius if the work involves rigorous physical effort.


Concentration is obviously very important in the classroom, but if pupils are too warm or too cold, they are going to be uncomfortable and they’ll find it hard to concentrate. It is recommended that temperatures do not fall below 16 degrees celsius, with the ideal temperature for a school classroom being 18 degrees.


Research carried out by YouGov suggests that the average British person sees 21 degrees celsius as the perfect temperature for their home. So what temperature should you set your home air conditioning at? Of course, it is down to your personal preference, but recommended minimum and maximum temperatures are 18 degrees celsius and 24 degrees respectively.

Warehouses and factories

Determining a maximum temperature for factories and warehouses can be difficult because of the variety of functions of these premises. For example, glass foundries create lots of heat as a byproduct of their processes, which is an unavoidable consequence. Instead of setting a minimum and maximum temperature, The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states “During working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable”.


The delicate nature of the materials contained within laboratories makes the choice of temperature absolutely crucial. While certain specialist materials may need to be kept in subzero temperatures in a separate room for example, the main areas of laboratories will need to be managed carefully. For materials that need to be kept at ‘room temperature’, their stability will start to decrease at around 35 degrees celsius or above.

Shopping centres

Shopping centres see thousands of people through their doors every day, with weekends being particularly busy. With the potential of such a high volume of people, air conditioning needs to be working correctly to ensure the building does not overheat. In both winter and summer, the large number of people can create a stuffy atmosphere, so consider setting your air conditioning on the cooler side to keep people comfortable.

Fitness centres

When doing exercise, the point is to get a bit hot and sweaty – that shows you’re working hard. However, if the gym environment is too hot to start with, it can affect the performance of users and see them become tired earlier than they otherwise would. If your gym provides aerobics, cardio, weight training and pilates, it should have an average temperature of between 18 and 20 degrees celsius.

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